First post of the New Year! Yay! This site is officially a year old and it has grown so much! Thank you so much everyone for your support. I could not have done this without you.

Now that is all out of the way, let’s get right into the post!

Today we will be having a look at “8Door” a demo I found on which explores the Korean afterlife. Sound like that tickles your fancy? Well, read on!

8Doors powers

We will be following a young girl called Arum who has recently lost her father. To help find answers about her father’s death she decides to cross the plane of the living to purgatory. She is helped by a strange being at the beginning which gives her some gear in order to protect herself from the spectres ready to eat her! He tells Arum to head to “Death Tavern” a place where all new spirits go, then the helpful being vanishes without a trace, leaving you to find the tavern on your own.

8Doors archery

Along the way, you will come across a variety of different beings and spectres. As in most cases of games/movies/stories a living person wondering the afterlife is dangerous. Everyone is out to get you so you must roll, combo and use newly gained powers in order to get the upper hand.

8Doors Fighting the afterlife

If you are into side-scrolling, metroidvania styled games I highly recommend giving this one a try! The graphics are beautifully done and it is very fleshed out for just a demo. I cannot wait to see what this game will become once the developers decide to do a full release!

You can try out the demo on and add the game to your Steam wishlist.

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