Muffin is the name and in gaming, I’m put to shame.  I am just your typical girl that likes to game. I’m not gonna brag about how good I am at it because the truth is I’m not. I play games on easy or casual because I actually want to enjoy my game; not get frustrated due to how many times I have died or being stuck on a puzzle for too long, kudos to the people that can finish a game on hard or nightmare, that is simply not my cup of tea.  I enjoy a cruisy game and enjoy a great story (get outta here fortnite) and I am sure a lot of people here do too. 

That is why I have created this website (changes to the name coming soon). This website is my baby and I hope to constantly see it grow through the years with better content as I understand my audience better and create some great content and branch out into projects separate from game reviews.

So I hope you stick around and follow me on this scary journey on putting my thoughts on the internet and always game girly.