Among Ripples was a well-known game in Now the game’s creator Eat Create Sleep has made a demo for their newest addition Among Ripples: Shallow Water.

Instead of taking on the 2D side facing camera like it’s predecessor, Shallow Water is now 3D and you are able to zoom into the water and swim with the fishes, literally! That is not all Shallow Waters has to offer though. Instead of building up your own pond you will be fixing inhabitable lakes to a point that they are thriving with wildlife!

Each lake will be able to become perfect through the purchase of plants, animals and algae. All of this plays a part in the ecosystem of each lake and each lake will have it’s own set of problems you will need to fix, whether this is the Ph level of the water, an abundance of toxins or little to no nutrients of oxygen in the water. Meters in the bottom panel will be able to show you the levels of all of these.

Among Ripples: Purchase Menu

You will also have the ability to terraform and expand your lakes. Be warned though as the larger the lakes means dealing with more toxins and fluctuating Ph levels, oxygen and nutrients. You will need to place a lot of algae and plants in order to even things out.

Right now the only animals you will be able to place are fish and crayfish. Developers have said they are adding more and more species including ducks and otters to the game but of course, we won’t be seeing that until the launch of their Kickstarter! But more will be added!

Among Ripples: Kickstarter

Among Ripples is a concept demo which is set to have a Kickstarter Campaign in Early 2020. You can sign up to their newsletter to be updated on the demo, access new maps in the prototype and be notified when their Kickstarter is up. They will appreciate every little bit of support!

Download the demo/prototype now on!

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