Good base game homes are always hard to find. With each newly released expansion/game/stuff pack it becomes less and less likely you will see these homes still being created. But thanks to some very thoughtful creators in the Simming community this type of build hasn’t died out, because let’s face it Sims is expensive to keep up with! So here it is, another 5 Base Game Homes. For the beginner Simmer!

Vistas Cottage by Moniamy72

Vistas Cottage Sims 4 Base Game House

A marvellous cottage styled house awaits your sims! This three-bedroom house is perfect for a family of sims with young children! Have them spoilt with a barbeque area, pool and beautifully designed rooms! This house definitely impresses inside and out! Stylish and kid-friendly! Be sure to use bb.moveobjects before placing down the lot!

Base Game Starter Home by Simmy Sim Sim

Base Game Starter Sims 4 House

Maybe you want a sim with a less lavish lifestyle? Perhaps you want your sims to embody the young adult moving out of home to a place they can just afford? Well, this little starter home is sure to please you! This house was actually created to contribute to the ” Base Game Starter Home Challenge” created by Meisiu. I picked this little house because it produces a healthy middle when it comes to house builds. Not too fancy looking but a cute little house that even I would like to live in. If you want to start a new character and play them straight away, consider downloading this house!

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One-Storey House by Bidomaudo

One Storey House Sims 4 Base game

Now we have a house with minimal plantation, now we need one with tons! This house might not look like much from the front, but the back is a beautiful garden haven waiting for your sims to walk in! Gardener’s dream on the outside, an artist’s dream on the inside! This house is filled with sophistication and style! Your artsy sim is sure to love this place! Be sure to use bb.moveobjects before placing down the lot!

Base Game Starter by Laitue Savage

Another starter home (sorry, not sorry) this one giving off a more simple, cottage vibe. This house is a starter home which means it will only have 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Best suited for a one-person household, unless you don’t mind adding onto it. I was really drawn to the curb appeal of this house, not overdone but still looks beautiful. I know people in the simming community (including myself) go crazy for plants so this is a nice change! Realistically, who has time to care for all of those plants?

Base Game Country House

Sim 4 Base Game Country House

This game is definitely the opposite of starter when it comes to builds! Featuring 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms this house is created to support a large household with a large bank account. Pricing at §272,101 this is one expensive house! The house has beautiful curb appeal, a large backyard (perfect for gardeners) and a warm cozy interior. If you have the simoleons consider this beautiful country home! Be sure to use bb.moveobjects before placing down the lot!

There it is, another 5 base game homes! I hope you guys enjoyed the list and found the perfect house for your sims!

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