We have all been trying to keep ourselves busy during this period of social distancing. Some are taking on unfinished projects around the home, completing unfinished games; others are creating games!

From 90% Studios, creators of Purrfect Apawcalypse we now have Co-Pilot! An overworked spaceship pilot with a heavily regimented life was about to be decommissioned. However, the system decided that the pilot needs some companionship and splits her mind in half! Double is now born!

Short Visual Novels: Co-Pilot

Double seems to have a free spirit as compared to the highly stressed pilot. Their conversations are frequently about freedom and that its okay to mess up every now and then. Pilot is a person that worries about everyone else and is easily over stressed by it. Thankfully she now has Double who is someone that finally cares about her, even though it is her! This newly created buddy helps her break free from her systematic lifestyle for the better. A little support in our daily lives can go a long way!

Short Visual Novels: Co-Pilot, the double

Co-pilot is a short little game that doesn’t have any story altering choices. Well, actually no choices at all! It’s a good little game to get someone started into the visual novel genre of games. One of the creators of 90%studios did this in only a couple of days so don’t expect a fully fleshed out game. I saw this game as a cute example of an idea that I hope the team as a whole can work on and really expand. Especially when the game left off with a lot of possibilities!

The game is available on Itch.io for free!

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