Dawn of Isles was created by NetEase Games, well known for such games like Stickfight: The Game Mobile and Creative Destruction which were both editor’s choice on the Google Playstore.

At first glance Dawn of Isles looks like any typical MMO but you couldn’t be further from the truth. The game has been received quite well with on the Google play store with 4 stars and over 16k reviews and 4.5 stars on the Apple app store

But what makes Dawn of Isles so special? Well in this adventure MMO not only are you exploring beautiful and unique landscapes helping the locals you can also create the ultimate island paradise!

Mobile MMO Dawn of Isles

You start off on your very own island with your friend Gugu and your little sister Daria, life is swell! But all of that changes when a lizard scout infiltrates your island! The Chaos Legion come and take your little sister away for their devious plan. Now it is up to you to save your sister and stop the Chaos Legion from taking over Kalangol!

Team Up!

But you cannot take on the enemy alone. To get the upper hand you must join forces! You can do this in multiple ways.

  • Tame and Raise creatures: You can tame almost every animal you come across in Dawn of Isles. Level them up, evolve them and love them so you can create the ultimate battle companion! : You can tame almost every animal you come across in Dawn of Isles. Level them up, evolve them and love them so you can create the ultimate battle companion!
  • Create a Tribe: Have your own tribe island for you and your tribe members! Do errands for deities, defend your island against other tribes and build up your island!
  • Team up with other players: Make a team of friends old and new to take down bosses in dungeons and take on the Chaos Legion in Chaos Onslaught.
Mobile MMO Dawn of Isles Daily Events

Dawn of Isles may be an MMO but it does have such mechanics like farming, island management and crafting.

Island Management

Your home Island is your base so put it to good use! Upgrade and add lots to help you gather crafting material, unlock new recipes and even send your pets on adventures! You are even able to change the look of the island altar. Different altars will have different effects on your island.

Mobile MMO Dawn of Isles Home Island

Farming isn’t common in the MMO scene but Dawn of Isles has made it essential (If you are big on creating food or trading) Your Island will start off with 4 plots of soil ready for planting.

Mobile MMO Dawn of Isles Farming

Crafting is essential in Dawn of Isles. Not only is it used to create and upgrade gear it is also used to create tools you will need like fishing rods, pickaxes, axes and sickles! All of these tools have a durability meter and must be constantly repaired and replaced. The level of the tools is also important! Some ingredients can only be harvested from certain levelled tools and some will deplete your lower levelled tools faster.

Mobile MMO Dawn of Isles Crafting

Dawn of Isles has a great story but sadly for a native English speaker, I don’t connect very well to it. The game is fully voice acted in Japanese and Chinese but the English translation is a bit of a miss especially when you need it the most. The graphics are bright and vibrant with a clean cartoon style something I really like.

Sadly you can only choose from four people you want to play as. You can alter them a little bit but that is about it. But you can have a “save” of each character which means you do have the option of playing around and upgrading the characters.

Overall this is a fun game if you like completing daily tasks or maintaining an island. This game is also a lot more enjoyable with friends taking on dungeons, world bosses, elemental realms and Chaos Onslaught events. The story is okay at best but I found crafting, taming and tribe errands more fun.

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