Temmie has gifted us with another short game. Still short and sweet with little gameplay but it is great to see how Temmie is progressing in with RPG maker. Perhaps she will make a full game one day! One I will gladly pay for.

If you have played Escaped Chasm before playing this game you will have a little more information about the game. Even though Temmie recommends playing Escaped Chasm first you don’t have to in order to understand the story.

Let’s check out the awesome animated video for Dweller’s Empty Path

Dweller’s Empty Path focuses on a character called Yoki, who seems to be this human-animal hybrid or “Beast-Type”. Yoki is getting restless nights over nightmare she believes is being cast on her by some unknown being known as Vera. Vera, however, doesn’t reveal why he is casting these nightmares, only says that it is his way of showing he cares for them (whatever that means).

You only have a small amount of dialogue with Vera which is pretty upsetting seeing how he is literally screwing around in Yoki’s dreams.

Another Nightmare: Dweller's Empty Path Game Review

Majority of this game involves getting lost in the forest in the front of your house, talking to every stranger you meet and basically going home and going to bed. Gameplay wasn’t unique and the game didn’t give you a clear goal. I had to figure out what I was doing by talking to a random chicken near the well outside the house for a hint.

Claire and Yoki: Dweller's Empty Path Game Review

I was however impressed with the visuals and happy to see so many illustrations in the game! The game could use some colour though. I don’t know how hard it would be to do that in RPG Maker as Temmie is still learning.

Overall, this game is just to show how far Temmie has come in regards to RPG Maker. She has included saving and using shift to run faster (something she did not add in Escaped Chasm). This game didn’t have much of a story but I feel she is holding out for her final game when she has finally mastered game creation.

Zera; Dweller's Empty Path Game Review

Temmie has also included some extras in the game files that are worth checking out. This is pretty helpful as she has provided a world map in those files. I spent way too much time trying to find my way around before finding the map. You can also find some work from her abandoned projects as well as concept art for the game.

This game is definitely one about progress. It is great to see how Temmie is doing in regards to making her own games. I really hope she sticks with it and continues to grow as a game developer. Go play the game and show her some love!

Check out Dweller’s Empty Path on Itch.io!

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