Etherborn is a puzzle game and it’s main focus is gravity! You will instantly be drawn to it with it’s soothing soundtrack, stunning visuals and it’s mind-numbing puzzles!

Etherborn: Puzzle Games Story

You wake up as a mute being, just being born in this complex world. A voice reaches out to you. Your quest is to find them and find out what your purpose is. What awaits is a journey through a harsh environment trying to stop you from reaching the voice without a body.

Etherborn doesn’t have much in regards to story-telling. What is of the story is abstract words coming from the bodiless voice which is open to multiple interpretations.

Etherborn: Puzzle Games level finish

The story isn’t a strong point for this game but it’s puzzles and visuals are. The game is a level-based platformer, complete the stage to progress to even harder stages. Etherborn was meant to be complex in it’s the gameplay, not it’s lore, which a lot of people will probably be a bit upset about given the price tag of the game (23AU Dollars). You would expect a more fleshed out game for that price, especially on steam.

Etherborn: Puzzle Games Platformer

Right off the bat the game instantly exposes you to beautiful music and eye-catching visuals. The music plays an important part in this game. Whilst playing you are greeting with beautiful, harmonious tunes, making you want to explore your surroundings and aims to calm you through some harsh stages. As soon as you die however the music instantly cuts to a loud bone-chilling stop, adding quite the juxtaposition to this overall beautiful plain of existence.

Etherborn: Puzzle Games Garden Shed

It’s gameplay sadly could be rather frustrating to people, with slow limited mobility in the game it can make seemingly easily jumps, turns and obstacles challenging. I highly recommend playing this game either on a console or with a gamepad/controller for your PC! You are asking for a headache playing around with traditional WASD.

However, it’s mechanics are pretty simple. The world’s gravity is pushing you downwards, the only way to change that direction is by walking along ramps altering where you are gravity wise (if that makes sense). This mechanic seems simple but sadly the lack of camera control in this game makes it very hard to traverse levels and getting a good view on what’s around you.

Etherborn: Puzzle Games Surroundings

This game was also rather short, you can complete this game within three hours if you don’t find the puzzles too difficult. Which really begs the question is the game really worth the price? Yes and no, it really depends on what you are looking for in a game. If you are looking for story, sadly this game isn’t for you, if you are however looking for puzzles and easy steam achievements, this might be up your alley!

Personally I found this game to be quite enjoyable, for roughly an hour. I tried this game out due to how pretty it looked but like some, I was disappointed in the lack of story. Some of the puzzles look confusing at first; you could be sitting there for 20 minutes on the same one. Only to feel dumb when you finally figure it out!

Mind-numbing and eye-catching, Etherborn is definitely a game for patient puzzle solvers!

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You can also get the standalone game on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam!

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