Ever wanted a game that you could play by yourself with but when you are up for it have a friend join? Welcome to For the King! Where friends make it more fun and dying ALOT is encouraged.
Published by Curve Media (same people that published Human Fall Flat) you can expect a decent game. Expect your journey in For the King to be full of death, strategies and chaos.

For the King is a strategic turn-based RPG with roguelike and tabletop elements. Take turns fighting chaotic creatures, explore randomly generated maps and find out who murdered the King! This game sounds like an awesome team game!

Roguelike Game: For The King
Exploration and Modes

As previously mentioned you will play in randomly generated maps each playthrough, you can never expect the same map twice. This gives each playthrough a fresh new feel! Choose to explore those maps with friends or without. (Personally, this is a lot more fun with another person) You can have up to three people on one team. Not only can you work together to explore unknown terrain you also have the option of what mode you would like to play! The player can choose from the following:

For The King Adventure
Dungeon Crawl Adventure
Frost Adventure Adventure
Gold Rush Un-cooperative Mode
Hildebrants Cellar Adventure
Into The Deep Adventure

These are all available with the game without paying for add-ons!

Roguelike Game: For the King Character creation
Lorebooks and Tips

Expect to die a lot in this game! Like other roguelike games though you can expect some kind of progression. In each playthrough, you will be collecting lore books, these stay with you! Use these lore books to unlock new characters, cosmetics, weapons, armour and even places! To note though that when you buy weapons and armour you do not start with them they will just become available as playthrough rewards or can be bought in towns. You are unlocking the ability to obtain them!

When you are in the world you will start each turn with a “roll” to see how many moves you have. You can get up to a max of 5 moves but you have the chance on gaining more each within a turn. You can only move that certain number on the grids on the map. As you traverse the map you can find statues that can give you certain buffs, random events, enemy camps and caves.

For The King Map

Piece of advice, don’t go straight to the main quest! Spend your time gathering better loot and gaining XP! This will help you last longer each playthrough.

When you come across certain events that require an action make sure you read what happens when you win or fail and what percentage you have at achieving these! Some loot is just not worth the risk of losing XP, focus or health.

For the King Combat
Enemies and RNG!

Coming across enemies can be daunting in this game! Some of the most basic looking of enemies have a chance at killing you in luck just isn’t on your side! By this I mean this game is heavily RNG (Random Number Generated). You can get a perfect hit but can deal between 1 – 14 damage, you can never tell! This goes the same for your enemies. When you are in a fight it is turn-based! When your turn comes around you have the option to add focus to your shot, this is giving one definite chance of a good hit.

When you attack you will see symbols appear (these can range from 1 – 4) these are chances. Chances succeed and fail automatically, this helps gauge how successful your hit/ability is. Honestly, due to RNG, you can’t properly gauge how well a good hit or a bad hit is and there is no guarantee it hits as an enemy can always dodge or resist.

Roguelike Game: For the King Quests

Be mindful that this game could be brutal at times! Strategy is a massive part of this game but there are many other skills you need to focus on. All moves are RNG based, you don’t even have to roll a digital dice! This can be great for some who don’t want complicated combat or puzzles. This is a great game if you are new to roguelike games as roguelikes can be daunting for new or inexperienced players! One downside, however, is that due to it being RNG you can’t properly understand how well your hits are going to land and what your stats do to help boost that is very unclear. This, however, makes every fight anyone’s game and you aren’t always guaranteed to unlock that chest or sneak past an enemy.

This is great for people who love highly strategic games and not much else.

Get For the King now on Steam!

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