We all go through the stages of grief sometime in our lives. Some will process it easier than others, majority will never fully recover from it. Grief also has us see the world differently. Gris explores the ideologies of grief and it’s impact on a person’s world.


You are greeted with a beautiful cut-scene of Gris in a stone hand (symbolism of a mother?) start to levitate into the air and start singing. Then it suddenly all stops, she can no longer sing and the hand cracks and crumbles, leaving Gris falling through the air to the washed out surface below.

Once she reaches the ground you are now in control of Gris and you will be taken on a journey through grief and emotional growth! It doesn’t seem like that at first but once colour starts to return after completing each stage you start to piece together that this was how she saw the world, not how it actually was.


This game may feel like a walking simulator for the next few minutes, slowly but surely this won’t be the case. To get through stages you must solve puzzles, collect stars and if you are an achievement collector collect mementos. There are even some hidden challenges you can complete, have fun finding them out though!

A New Friend

The gameplay of Gris is simple but the puzzles do get your brain turning. The game focuses more on triggering emotions in it’s players through music and artwork over complex mechanics. You don’t have to worry about dying in this game or time limits. This giving the game a more relaxed feeling perfect for people new to gaming or to simply have a change in pace.

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