Have you ever thought about what heaven might look like? If it were to ever exist would you think of it as a city of clouds or perhaps a beautiful garden? In Heaven Travel you are greeted with an interpretation of heaven, but not all is what it seems.

Heaven Travel: Lofn

You wake up as a girl who goes by the name of Lofn. With no memories of where she is or who she is. An unknown spirit calls out to her saying the memory tree is dying. Vulnerable Lofn so eager to help accepts to help the memory tree. To save the memory tree she must travel through worlds and collect memories, more specifically her memories. To travel through worlds to collect memories she must use dandelions as a cost to go! Lofn will be gone for a certain amount of time (giving us time to do what we have to do). When she comes back she would have found new memories, and sometimes something else!

Heaven Travel: memories

When you gather a memory it will be stored in the memory tree. There are over 400 memories to collect! Like all memories, however, there are some good ones and there are some terrible ones. Each memory will go into a certain category (you will unlock categories when you play the game more). When flicking through your memories press on them to activate a little conversation about each one!

Heaven Travel: Mr Algae visitor

Not only will you come back with memories sometimes a little friend will come and tag along for the ride! Give them gifts you have found whilst travelling to gain their affection and they in return will give you gifts as well! These little guys, however, won’t stick around for long, so enjoy their company while you can.

Heaven Travel: scenery

Heaven Travel is a calming game but at times it can really take a dark turn, especially when coming across dark or “cursed” dreams. Some will be rather upsetting for Lofn. You don’t expect dark, sad memories in a game that is so bright and cheerful, but it does represent life in a nutshell. Life and death, the good and the bad. The game doesn’t require much time and effort. Each time you load in you are always going forward in game.

The watercolour like surroundings draw you in at first glance and what keeps you in is the memories. Heaven Travel is a good game in itself but I feel the story was very rushed at first (it slows down a bit once you finish the introduction). Overall a cute little game to play, simple and calming at times and heartbreaking in others. Definitely a roller-coaster of emotions in this game!

You can get Heaven Travel on Google Playstore and the App Store!

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