Ever thought about playing a game that brings on childhood nostalgia? You probably think about playing remastered Crash Bandicoot or Spyro. But what about playing a game exactly like the books “Where’s Wally”?

Hidden Folks is a point and click game that is about finding what/who is hidden! Experience crowded and somewhat overwhelming sceneries and laugh at all the funny noises they could make (if you decide to buy the DLC).

Hidden Folks: Drylands

The game is very simple to explain! At the bottom of your screen, you will have a list of people/things to find. Make sure to hover over your list and get a clue for each hidden object. In later levels, you will be introduced into some small puzzle-solving. This could involve ringing bells to lure out a mysterious creature or playing around with water tanks. This game has really made the concept of “Where’s Wally” an interactive and humorous experience.

Hidden Folks: Campsite

This game is great for absolutely anyone. Whether you are new to games or experienced it is a great little game to dig your teeth into. This also a great game to keep kids entertained for ages (thankfully you can get it on an Ipad). One drawback, however, is that your eyes do hurt from focusing so much and you can only zoom in so much! If you can get passed strained eyes and sometimes strained minds this game will be an awesome addition to your collection!

Hidden Folks: Snow Level

You can get Hidden Folks on Steam, Google Playstore and Apple Store!

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