Have you had dreams of wanting to be a shepherd? Well, now you can in Isle of Ewe, a cute 3D platformer game all about rescuing your flock.

Watch the trailer below:

You are a young shepherd called Belle. You start off outside in your sheep paddock, walk over to the wise old ram with a marker on his head to begin your sheep throwing journey. The old wise ram Barry tells you that your flock has strayed far from your paddock and a cheeky sheep in particular ( Ramsey) is nowhere to be found. Wanting to get all your sheep back you begin your journey on returning you lost flock home.

Picking up sheep in Isle of Ewe Gaming Girly

As you progress further through the first level of the game you will be given a bell that will hang on your staff, this is your ability meter (yes you are a magical shepherd) and the first ability you are given is a recalling ability. This ability basically teleports any used sheep back to you without you having to pick them back up.

Now, you are probably wondering what I mean by “using” the sheep, well like the title says, you will be yeeting these poor cloud-like creatures. In Isle of Ewe not only are you getting your sheep home; you will also be using them to access hard to reach areas and unlock puzzles.

Starting Screen of Isle of Ewe Gaming Girly

You can use your sheep in a variety of different ways. In the beginning, you will be using them as throwing objects on symbols that will help access different areas. You can expect their uses to be more fleshed out as the game goes on; for example, jumping on them to get a jump boost and using sheep wearing coloured sweaters to get past colour related puzzles.

This game was quite a gem (especially since on Itch I am pretty picky). I was pleasantly surprised that this was a free game! I was instantly drawn by it’s well-created environment and controls, pretty smooth for a game that was released only hours after I found it! I hope the developer decides they want to work on this concept more and really flesh this game out!

Check out Isle of Ewe for yourself on Itch.io! It’s free, and that’s a great price!

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