Journey to the Savage Planet dropped in the Epic Games store in late January. Typhoon Studios aims to create the ultimate planet exploration game! So let’s check out the trailer!

Your aim is to explore and use up everything the planet AR-Y-26 has to offer. Scan everything you come across and kill everything for material to put yourself at the top of this savage food chain!

The game even offers multiplayer! This is a game best shared as it will become rather lonely and boring on your own. You can go through the campaign together and whatever you discover your partner will discover too!

Friends triggering hallucinating plants journey to the savage planet

But what exactly do you do in Journey of a Savage Planet?

Your primary objective is to explore this bizarre new planet in hopes that it is a good planet for humans to inhabit. You will practically see through your visor at first, scanning anything and everything. Do keep in mind that the A.I comments on everything you scan, even ones you already scanned! This can get rather annoying after a while, especially if you are scanning multiple things in a short amount of time.

Quest log in journey to the savage planet

Once you start seeing signs of intelligent life being on this planet before humans, your objective quickly shifts to what these beings were, what did they do and why are they no longer here. Expect to have a lot of quests that require finding shrines, gathering material the A.I has picked up on scanners etc. The game quickly becomes a large fetching quest at this point.

Killing bosses with friends in Journey to the savage planet

But of course, fetching rare items means delving further into the planet and with that becomes a lot of new and rather scary threats. Expect to come across large aliens ready to defend their territory and completely destroy you. This is where having a partner becomes really handy, to help speed up the process of killing bosses. High risk is high reward though as you can expect to gather a lot of resources and material from these overgrown beasts.

character tab in journey to the savage planet

You cannot rely solely on your friends in AR-Y-26. Your equipment will also be vital in order for you to get to previously unreachable areas. This is where your resource gathering kicks in as it requires an insane amount of resource grinding to upgrade. You can upgrade your gun, suit and jump to help traversing the area much more manageable.

beautiful creatures in journey to the savage planet

This game is visually stunning and really fun to explore. Sadly, I am not a fan of fetching a lot of items. I did, however, appreciate that the game doesn’t push you to do the main objective. Journey to the Savage Planet was created with exploration in mind. This really does show with it’s heavy parkour aspects. I also admire the quirky A.I at times (even though she can be really harsh when you die) and the CEO of Kindred in the hilarious videos that play in your ship. This game was made to be a gag I believe and it sets a more relaxed tone when it comes to games in it’s genre.

beautiful landscapes in journey to the savage planet

As previously mentioned, this game is best shared with a friend/partner. It is a rather short game campaign wise so do take your time completing side quests or just exploring, grinding and upgrading. This game aimed to satirical and that does show but as a game when it comes to quality quests it doesn’t hit the mark. Still, an awesome game if you are looking for a beautiful new game to share with one of your friends.

Get Journey To The Savage Planet on the Epic Games Store! The game is also set for a Steam release in 2021!

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