During the start of the pandemic everyone was playing and enjoying Animal Crossing, however over the past couple of months Animal Crossing has been losing players due to lack of content. Fear no more fellow Animal Crossing fans! A new contender has risen and that is SpiritFarer!

SpiritFarer: Charon, Stella and Daffodil

You play as the main character Stella and they are accompanied by their faithful feline Daffodil. Stella and Daffodil are on a boat with an eerie being named Charon. Charon explains to you that you are the new Spiritfarer. It is your job to help spirits reach the Everdoor, a doorway that spirits enter to pass over. Charon will give you (and Daffodil … kinda) a glowing orb known as the Everlight. The Everlight can manifest into any tool you need.

In Spiritfarer it isn’t just about finding spirits and sending them through the door instantly. You will need to make a connection with them and help them overcome challenges they couldn’t face when they were alive.

SpiritFarer: Fishing

Each spirit you come across are different, they like different foods and will do certain things on your boat. Your job as the Spiritfarer is to accommodate that and do your best to make them happy. You can achieve happiness from your spirits by giving them their favourite foods, talking to them, hugging them and even building them their own room on your boat!

Spiritfarer: Hugs

From time to time they will ask you to go to certain places even ones that hold a lot of significance to them in life. You will slowly build a bond with the spirits aboard your ship before you have to let them go. You will start to grow a bond with your spirits, something a lot of us couldn’t really feel when it came to playing animal crossing.

There are also many things you can do to fill your day up in Spiritfarer you can go from gathering resources, fishing to hunting glowing jellyfish and mining corrupted quartz from a water dragon! Spiritfarer really knows how to get their players engaged.

SpiritFarer: Quartz Dragon

What makes Spiritfarer a great competitor for Animal crossing is how much content it offers compared to Animal Crossing and there is an ultimate goal, help lost souls with their problems and help them pass on. Spiritfarer gives you something to focus on and isn’t a game you can just play for a couple of minutes. Spiritfarer also makes you feel a lot of emotions from finding a new spirit, helping them to eventually saying goodbye, it really is an emotional rollercoaster!

I am absolutely in love with this game and once I picked it up I couldn’t stop playing, when I had to stop playing I always thought about it. This game understands human connection (even though they don’t look human), something I expected to see in Animal Crossing.

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I highly recommend trying this game out!

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