Hey guys and welcome to the first issue of Minecraft Mondays! Decided since I have been playing a lot of modded Minecraft recently that I will review some on a weekly basis. (If I can keep up with a weekly schedule).

This week we will be looking at a recently uploaded mod called Mystica! The first mod create by user Tripwolf! It is an achievement to make a mod and they should be very proud!

Armour and Tools

New armour and toolset have been added thanks to this mod. You can craft these with mystic ingots.

  • Helmet: 1.6 armour toughness, 2 armour
  • Chest: 1.6 armour toughness, 7 armour
  • Legs: 1.6 armour toughness, 6 armour
  • Boots: 1.6 armour toughness, 2 armour

  • Sword: 2 attack speed, 5 attack damage
  • Pickaxe: 1 attack speed, 2 attack damage
  • Hoe: 11 attack speed, 1 attack damage
  • Axe: 1 attack speed, 2 attack damage
  • Shovel: 1 attack speed, 2 attack damage

The mystic armour and tools are sadly not as good as diamond armour but at least they are an improvement from iron armour giving us a good in-between.


Mystica also adds a new biome! The mystic swamp, a small swampland that is almost completely purple! Here you will find mycelium and mythfrost. Mythfrost is a plant found only in this biome and it is a purple seed that hangs from the trees. You can break these seeds down into mythic essence!


Two blocks are added in this mod.

Mystic Ore: Drops mystic essence which helps create practically everything in this mod! Use an iron pick or higher! This can be found underground in any biome.

Mycelium: Dirt like block that can only be found in the Mystic Swamp.

Minecraft Mod: Mystica Enemies

Two new mobs are added. These mobs do spawn in the day time (especially in the mystic swamp). They will attack during the day so be careful! The mobs added are:

  • Mystic Walker: humanoid mob that hits you similar to zombies.
  • Mystic Spider: a retextured cave spider that doesn’t poison you.
Mystic Orbs

Orbs can be crafted and found in Mystica all becoming part of your arsenal against new threats! These orbs act the same as a bow and arrow. Click it once for a short distance and hold it down to go further. These orbs however all do something different once they hit their target.

  • Fire Orbs: Set target alight when hit.
  • Water Orbs: Places a water block under your target.
  • Charged Orbs: Shocks target with lightning.
  • Earth Orbs: Places dirt blocks around the target.
  • Air Orbs: Lifts target up in the air and drops them.

These orbs could also be enchanted through the normal enchanting routes!


There is a lot more that comes to this mod regarding different blocks and equipment but I didn’t want to give too much away. I want you guys to be able to experience this mod without knowing everything. (Ruins the surprise of playing around with a new mod).

This is a pretty basic mod, not very fleshed out at the moment. This is the creator’s first mod and they have the basics for one down pat. I really hope they expand on this mod further as they can really make a great magic mob here. Perhaps, if they are up for it create their own magical dimension mod!

Download Mystica for Minecraft 1.14 here!

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