Do you want to become a tank in Minecraft? Walk around with no armour cause nothing can kill you. Have you ever thought that eating some strangely coloured pickles were the key to that?

Overpowered Pickles: Minecraft Mod

Let me introduce you to a simple little mod called Overpowered Pickles. Now these pickles are well….pretty overpowered. These pickles can give you extra permanent health! One downside to this mod is to achieve this you will need to grind for a lot of nether stars.

Minecraft mod: Overpowered Pickles

Once you have gathered as many nether stars and pickles that you can muster it is now time to start creating these godly pickles!

Minecraft Mod: Overpowered Pickles

You would first need to create what is called a pickle star! Pickle stars are needed for all four pickle tiers! A lot of pickles so hopefully you come across a lot of coral reef biomes!

To create the first overpowered pickle tier simply follow the recipe above with a normal pickle. The purple pickle will give you 5 extra stars. From here you can replace the normal pickle with the purple pickle in the recipe to make the next tier pickle. These pickles will give you 10, 15, 20 heart going up in tiers.

If you ever decide you don’t want unkillable status anymore Overpowered Pickles has a way! Simply follow the recipe above to create the cleansing pickle and your heart should return back to normal! (Why would you want to do that after all that nether star grinding).

This is just a quirky little mod that I found a bit too amusing! Obviously there are other mods that can increase your health with a lot fewer ingredients but who doesn’t like a challenge! This is really a mod for someone who is bored out of their mind with normal Minecraft and just trying to find an excuse to kill the Wither a million times.

Download Overpowered Pickles for Minecraft 1.15 here!

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