Warning: Mention of self-harm and suicide!

I know I just made a romance post last week but I just can’t help but talk about this little gem! Missed Messages is a free game I came across on Itch.io. This game is from the same creator that made “He beat her” and “I woke up next to you again” which are pretty popular on GameJolt and Itch.io. Once I saw their newest game I simply had to play it!

Before we continue with the post I will mention that this game does feature self-harming, suicide and mental health issues. If you are sensitive to these topics you have been warned, please leave this post if it gets too much for you!

Now onto the post! “Missed Messages” is about a university student who has a roommate called May. Your character describes her as loving but distant, they also say that May has been leaving her room shut now, which is something she never did.

Deciding that you needed to work you open up your laptop, instantly being sent a meme from “goth gf iPhone”. Confused you have the option to ignore it or accept it!

Accepting in Mixed Messages

This game features 4 endings (I have only been able to get 2 so far). One route which is the easiest route involves following on with “goth gf”. I wasn’t really impressed with this route as it was so short and depressing and here is why.

Firstly, if anyone who sent you a meme asks to hang out with you, that is instant red flags for me! This route just seemed to fall together too nicely for my taste and the overall reward for it isn’t a reward at all! Secondly, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with your best friend on your birthday after she just sang the happy birthday song to you! Bros before hoes! (Not gonna shame though!)

May from Mixed Messages

The second route I took I found was a lot more in-depth, this involved me focusing on our friend May and not even interacting with the first meme sent. You will notice in your second playthrough that fragments of your first playthrough will linger, through dreams! This made me more inclined to hang around near May as much as possible, especially when in the first playthrough when I learnt that May is not in such a good mental space.

Chatting with May in Mixed Messages

Even though this game is about romance with “goth gf” I found myself straying away from that to simply to hang out with May, making sure she is okay. I saw this game as one about friendship and being there for your friends! Because you will never truly know what is going on in their head, and you will never know when they might leave you.

Try out Missed Messages on Itch.io and Steam!

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