Mobile games have been taking off over the past couple of years. Every day a new game is released to the play/apple store, sadly not all are very good. Nowadays mobile games are starting to arise with aspects you will only find on PC games, such as dungeon delving. Monolisk aims to be a player-made dungeon crawler, giving some PC dungeon delvers a run for their money. Could Monolisk be one of the best dungeon delvers for mobile?

Here is the trailer below:

Monolisk isn’t just a dungeon crawler but also a dungeon builder! Players from around the world can create dungeons and players will be able to rate their creations. As you play Monolisk some of your rewards when you hit certain milestones will be assets to create dungeons (creatures, bosses, environments etc).

Monolisk Dungeon Builder Menu

As you play the game more and get access to more and more of these assets you can create some pretty awesome and fun dungeons! Not only can you create your own dungeons and rate others but you can also follow people. If you like a lot of creations a person makes you can follow them and be able to find more of their creations and easily find their newer ones!

Monolisk Characters

Not only are you building dungeons but you will also be building up 5 different characters! (Warrior, Hunter, Shadow, Mage, Artificer) These characters level up at the same time regardless of how much you play one or another. Throughout the game you will be rewarded items (armour, jewellery, weapons and artifacts) which can be universal or are character locked, all these will help strengthen your characters and their abilities. When using universal items you can place that one item on all your characters.

Speaking of abilities! Your characters can access all different ones depending on their class. These will unlock through packs and they can be placed into the ability bar in the menu. Each class has a range of awesome abilities but sadly I find they take forever to recharge! Especially when the bar only refills when you are in battle.

New Quests Unlocked Monolisk

But how do you get packs and what exactly are they? Well, packs are essentially loot boxes, once opened you will get the chance of getting abilities, weapons, armour, jewellery, artifacts and assets! You can buy these packs with real money or you can complete quests. I will admit these quests are grindy and give very little in return as far as rewards go.

Overall this game has quite a lot of potential. There are a lot of good qualities about this game but also a lot of problems, for example, you can’t control the camera and the grind makes it impossible to make any real progress in a short amount of time. Grinding is definitely something you see in PC/ console games, very strange to find this in phone games, especially in the era of idle!

If you love dungeon building, clearing dungeons or grinding this is a worthwhile game to check out!

Get Monolisk today on your IOS and Android devices!

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