Horror games are definitely not my strong suit! But despite my readiness to jump away from my computer like a cat to a cucumber I couldn’t help myself when I came across this scary game.

Created by Two Star Games (who created “My Friend Is A Raven”) this games offers a dystopian, atmospheric experience that is bound is scare the crap out of you.

My Beautiful Paper Smile scary game: Authorities

You are one of the Joyous, a child that has been taken by the “Authorities”. As a Joyous, you are only allowed to have one emotion, Happiness. All Joyous wear a mask, featuring an unsettling smile. If you exhibit any other emotions you will have to go to a “session” to learn how to only have happiness.

Each day the Joyous have to attend “the chamber” for testing. The authorities will deem you impure if you express anything but happiness.

One day you are visited in your dreams, by someone who goes by “the lost”. This is when you decide you should escape and see what lies beyond.

My Beautiful Paper Smile scary game: Lost?

You and your roommate come to the agreement that you should wait till an opportunity arises so you two can escape together. Firstly you must complete your daily chamber, alone. Once completing a seemingly easy chamber you get to the end door and are greeted by an unknown figure. They are not wearing their mask. If this faceless figure catches you, you will die.

My Beautiful Paper Smile scary Game: Face

This game is fairly simple in it’s design. Traverse the facility, searching for clues and how to escape as well as not getting caught by “faceless”. Many games have the same mechanics but what sets it apart from the rest is the story that is slowly unfolding and how even when you think you are safe, you still feel unsettled.

The demo is only half of the first out of four chapters. The game is set to release on steam on June 19th with chapter one and two available!

Get the demo on Itch.io and add it your Steam wishlist!

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