Today’s post is going to be a little different! Due to a lot of recent school work and adopting a sweet little bunny from the streets, I decided to make less serious review on a game I wanted to play for a very long time.

This is Oneshot! A game created in 2016, this game gives off a lot of Undertale vibes without the bullet hell! Little Niko wakes up in an unfamiliar house and finds a lit lightbulb. You have to solve a little puzzle to get through the house and eventually outside (remember to use items otherwise you are never getting out).

Once you and Niko are finally out you are greeted with a very “barren” wasteland. Wander around a bit and you will eventually come across the outpost where you will find Prophet. He tells Niko he is the messiah and it is up to him to return the light bulb (also known as “sun”) to the top of the Tower to restore the world.

Oneshot: Head Engineer

Now the reason I am not referring to Niko as me/you is because that isn’t the case at all! Niko is his own little person. You are the world’s god known as “User” ( Don’t worry you can change the name). Once you enter your name in Niko will constantly refer to you as that (I used my own name to really immerse myself).

This game features a lot of fourth-wall breaking. You will experience a lot of events like Niko talking to you or the game literally fiddling with your computer! This gave me the sense that even though I was controlling Niko I was a character in the game as well!

Oneshot: Glen

My only issue with this game is the fact I didn’t play it sooner! I knew it was a good game. I found myself easily immersing myself with this game. As I mentioned the game makes you feel like you are your own character in this game, this world.

This game has some genius little puzzles and events that set it apart from the rest. Surely a game that will stick with you well after you have played it. If you love Undertale you will love Oneshot!

You can buy Oneshot on Steam (I highly recommend it!)

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