Everyone knows about Sims 4. The weird wonderful simulator is definitely a game you can get addicted to and fast! Over the years the beloved series of Sims games has brought on a new type of Sims gameplay experience, The modded Sims.

Modding has always been around and with the Sims 4 there is no exception. So let’s delve into my favorite custom content creators who make the Sims even more enjoyable. These creators are listed in no particular order.


This smart cookie of a creator knows their stuff! If you are looking for any mods ranging from eyes, makeup and skin, this creator has you covered. I will consider their mods alpha (if this matters to anyone) as RemusSirion actually makes creates their mods through photo material and drawing them up, definitely talented! So go show them some love and make your sims stand out! You can check out their pages here for Sims Resources and here for their Tumblr.


Trillyke would have to be one of my all time favs! All of her clothing is created beautifully and none have let me down yet. Trillyke can offer a lot of simple yet beautiful pieces (sometimes simple is best) I consider her content to be more of a Maxis Mix as some appear Alpha and some Maxis Match. I find I can always make a gorgeous Sim in their clothes so why not check them out? To go to their Sims Resources go here and to their Tumblr here (Be sure to check on their Tumblr as there are Tumblr exclusives)


Too lazy to make your sims a house or simply don’t have the patience? Why not download Aveline’s house mods! All of her houses are CC Free! Which means you won’t have to be downloading lists upon lists of mods cluttering your game just so you can see the house! No matter what house she makes I always get a warm homey vibe from her houses. All the clutter items that she adds to her houses make the home feel busy and is actually being used! On her Tumblr she states where she built the home and also has links to her Youtube channel on there so you can see how she creates her homes, hopefully, to help teach and inspire other Simmers! All her creations are on the Sims 4 Gallery here and her Tumblr is here.

Looking for more houses? Check out my post about base game homes here!


I don’t know about you guys but I always struggle when it comes to finding shoes for my Sims! Majority of my shoe mods come from this creator here and they have a lot of styles for you to choose from! From combat boots to stilettos this creator has you covered! With over 500 mods how can you not find a pair of shoes to fit your sim? You can go to their Sim’s Resources here and their Tumblr here.


Nolan-Sims is one of those creators that no matter what they are making they make it well! Nolan-Sims makes so many mods from clothing, hairs, genetics and much more! They are simply a very versatile creator in the community. Their style is very Maxis Match which is pleasing to quite a lot of people. This creator deserves so much more recognition and it would be awesome for you guys to check them out on their Tumblr here.

Start downloading everyone and enjoy modding your Sims 4 to your heart’s content!

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