Pewdiepie has released another game on the google play store this week! The newest addition being named ” Poopdie Birth of the First Child”.

Your aim is to clear dungeons and complete quests in order to make you and your poop troop stronger. You must become stronger in order to take on the evil Samron and his vile butt minions.

Prepare for a lot of butt and poop references as well as little easter eggs linking up to Pewdiepie and his channel.

Poopdie was announced back in 2018 by Pewdiepie and the Bulbware team. Since then they have perfected on the story and poop troops to the game it is today. Pewdiepie didn’t make an announcement that the game dropped in the play store at the beginning of the week but has made a video of him playing his game today. You can watch the video here.

Poopdie: Soul wanting Poopcoin

Poopdie was laughed at by his community due to him having a big farting problem. One day, as he was drowning in his pool of tears a magical being appears. Poopduck was its name, telling Poopdie that his powers can help stop Samron plaguing the land with his evil butt demons.

You will quickly begin your quest as soon as you eat three carrots and poop out your first little minion. Your poop minions will fight in battles for you. Make sure to harvest carrots throughout your dungeon adventures as every time you “summon” a minion you will use up carrots.

Poopdie: Necromant's Laboratory Poop Skills

You will only start off with being able to summon two low-health poops. As you run around gathering poop coins you will be able to upgrade your skills. These can range from having more poopy minions, making them stronger and even having spikes! These skills aren’t just limited to your minions though. You will also be able to buy skills for Poopdie ranging from minion creating speeds and how fast you move.

Poopdie: Poop Map

This is a really good phone game but one that many may not even want to try due to its toilet humour. But if you can look past that you will find a great dungeon crawler which would make a good introduction for people new to the genre. It also helps if you are a fan of Pewdiepie so you are able to catch onto references.

You can play Poopdie for free on the Google Playstore.

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