RL Craft is a newly released mod pack for Minecraft! It has taken the community by storm with it’s RPG aspects, immersion and of course difficulty. With around 114 mods in this modpack, your game is going to feel like an entirely new game! So let’s get into it’s features!

Hydration and Body Temperature

The First thing you will notice when entering your newly modded Minecraft game is two new editions to your HUD.

The first new edition above the food meter is an added water/ hydration meter. You can fill your meter up obviously by hydrating yourself. Crouch and right-click to drink water.

The easiest way to obtain water is drinking directly from a body of water. But as you may have noticed in the video it has a very high chance of giving you the “Thirst effect” which means your thirst will go down lower than usual due to drinking impure water. You can get purified water by crafting a canteen or glass bottle and then boiling it in a furnace or purify it in a charcoal filter. You also have the option of creating a rain collector, whenever it rains, water collects and any that you drink will always be pure.

The second new edition is above your level and it is your body temperature! This will tell you whether you are hot, cold or at the risk of hypothermia/ hyperthermia by the colour of the orb or whether the orb has changed to a flame or a snowflake. When you see a flame or snowflake you must either cool down or warm up (depending on what you have) or face taking damage as a result. Your body temperature doesn’t change instantly so it may take some time to cool off or heat up. Be sure to create hot/cool resistant potions or craft armours to prevent that from happening.


Due to there being no set spawn point in this mod pack you will heavily rely on wayshrines. These are scattered across the map and there will always be one in a village. You must right-click to activate these stones to be able to travel through them. These shrines cannot be destroyed or moved and you can only travel between wayshrines you have interacted with (you will not inherit new wayshrines when playing with friends, you must personally interact with each one). When you die you will also spawn at a wayshrine you have discovered (if the wayshrine is closer than your bed).


Your levels are now more important than ever! Your levels will contribute to skills in-game. They are broken down into 8 categories ( farming, defence, attack, magic, agility, building, gathering and mining). These levels are important as they dictate what you can and can’t use in-game, for eg, you can’t use an iron sword until you reach attack 8. Level up your defence and attack early in-game so you are able to protect yourself against the insane mobs in this modpack.


Not only are we dealing with a new levelling system, HUD and random spawn points, we are also dealing with ALOT of new mobs! So many in fact that we now have an added “bestiary” section in our inventory. Here is where you will find every creature you have come in contact with. You are able to “study” them. Increasing your knowledge rank on each individual creature will give you more information about them, you can achieve this through interactions, hanging around them and of course killing them. This is easier said than done as a lot of these creatures have a desire to kill you and can do so very easily! (This is where getting defence high and wearing good armour is important)


Above was only some of the more in your face mods you will discover in this mod pack! There are plenty more you will discover eg, each body part has a health bar, health items, new weapons, food, material and craftables. It is honestly insane and I am still coming across new items, animals and structures (there are even little pixie towns!). Exploration is definitely the most important aspect of this modpack!


All I can say is, be patient with this mod. You are going to die, a lot! That is what this modpack is all about! Don’t feel discouraged, it will take a while to get a foothold in the game and start to build up.

I do encourage you to spend your time exploring your areas, discovering wayshrines and getting your skills up before even trying to build. This will help you understand your surroundings and discover what kind of creatures lurk in your new world! You are more likely going to find a structure you plan to make a home before making a base, that is why these structures are there!

Exploration is the main aspect of this pack and it really does show, the pack makes it easier to immerse yourself and I constantly found myself gobsmacked by the beautiful scenery this modpack was able to bring.

So are you up to the challenge called RL Craft?

If you want to try out RL Craft for yourself, you must install the modpack through the Technic Launcher.

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vurtil opmer · November 10, 2019 at 6:30 am

I get pleasure from, cause I discovered exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

Peter · November 5, 2020 at 10:07 am

I found one of the most difficult things for me in RLCraft was the thirst and drinking. It was so painful! I finally found this: https://noobforce.net/games/minecraft/rl-craft/how-to-drink-in-rlcraft/ which helped me out a fair bit 🙂

Thanks for the article, I found this modpack so unforgiving lol.

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