August went past us pretty fast this year, but that hasn’t stopped the community from making amazing mods! A lot of the mods coming out this week were magic-related, thanks to EA introducing the Realm of Magic Pack! I didn’t include any of those mods in this month as the community is saturated in it right now!

So without further ado, let’s get into the mods!

Vibe Halter Top by Trillyke
Vibe Halter Top Gaming Girly
Sims Mod Spotlight

I know, I always mention Trillyke, but their creations are just amazing! Right now I am digging this bodysuit, perfect for a casual everyday top, or a top fit for a night on the town!

Kang from Simmandy
Kang Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

From the master of hair, Simmandy comes an edgy male hair! Definitely doesn’t suit my soft-eyed creations but it is a wonderful mod, perfect for moody sims!

The Nala Palette by Crypticsims
Nala Palette Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

Try out Crypticsims new eye palette! Based off a music video from Beyonce and part of another palette collection. Overall you can’t go wrong with Crytpicsims!

Puff and Frill Dress by Pickypikachu
Puff and Frill Dress Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

Ever wanted an elegant and perhaps retro dress for your sim? Wanted them to have a more feminine touch? Well, I have the dress for you! Puff and Frill is a beautiful dress with a hand-drawn petticoat (Such talent). The only downside is on bigger sims it does look a bit large. ( I had to change my sim’s body a bit to make it more photo-worthy)

Amara Top by Dear Solar
Amara Top Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

You come across a lot of mod tops like this one, but what makes this one special? Maybe it is perhaps the only one I can find that doesn’t leave strange marks around my sim’s chest (I don’t know why that happens). I love the style of this top and love that it has fixed a problem I have with this kind of style.

Broken Heart Earrings by Vibrantpixels
Broken Heart Earrings Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

Want some quirky looking earrings? These broken hearts will certainly do the trick! I absolutely love these! A little over the top and definitely will draw attention! Try these out and let other sims know your sim is a little heart breaker!

Stevie Wrap Dress (Recolour) from GladyPants
Wrap Dress Recolour Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

This is a recolour from one of my favourite Ridgeport mods! Recolours make the world go round, they add variety to some already beautiful mods and this is no exception. If you are new to modding in the sims, if you want these colours you will need to download the original mesh first and then the recolour for them to be seen. You can access both through the link!

There we have it, sorry that August felt short and lacklustre this month time is really getting away from me!

I have so many plans for this website and need to learn so much! I will be starting to create mods for the sims, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and if you have any tips on how to create them please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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