July has come around and the Sims 4 has had quite some change. The loading screen, main menu and DLC pack pictures have had an “upgrade” a lot of people (including myself) are not happy with it! So lately a lot of mods have come out with changing the main menu and loading screen design and colours over the month. Not many themed mods have come out recently due to lack of new expansion but still, creators are making new and fresh content for all to enjoy. So let’s get into my favourite mods from July!

Specie Hoops by Ridgeport

Specie Hoops by Ridgeport Gaming Girly Mod Spotlight

These simple little coin hoops are a staple accessory. When I play sims I usually avoid jewellery because some are too out there or crazy for my liking. With these hoops I find I can use them in a casual outfit and a formal outfit, giving off a much more feminine look without the jewels! Check the hoops here!

Claire Hair by aharris00britney

Claire Hair by aharris00britney Gaming Girly Mod Spotlight

A cute hair that comes with a few accessories (3 swatches of clips) from the popular aharris00britney who always comes up with beautiful hairs! Check the hair here!

Pinafore Your Thoughts by Nolan Sims and Child Conversion by Cowversion

Pinafore Your Thoughts by Nolan Sims and Child Conversion by Cowversion Gaming Girly Mod Spotlight

This is two mods in one! First featuring Nolan Sims’ gorgeous dress on the young adult to Elder and then Cowversion’s conversion for the child. A beautiful dress for all ages! Great for mummy and daughter outfits, or for my case, your younger self! Check out the dress here and the conversion here!

July Update Hair Recolour by Noodles Sorbets

July Update Hair Recolour by Noodles Sorbets Gaming Girly
Mod Spotlight

I live for recolours! Recolours gives you a lot of freedom to really make a hairstyle suit a sim. What’s even better is finding an EA hair that matches your sim and now it has a bigger variety of colours! Noodles Sorbet gives us that option with one of the newly released hairs from the July update. Check the recolour here!

Your Loading Screen, Your Choice By TheKixg

Your Loading Screen, Your Choice By TheKixg Gaming Girly Sim Mod Spotlight

As mentioned in the beginning, the Sims had a big change in their main menu, loading screen etc. Not many people embraced this. Well, now there is a mod that gives you the choice on how you want your loading screen to look. From 43 colours to choose from it will be hard to find the colour right for you. Check the colours out here!

Fever Jacket Dress by Trillyke

Fever Jacket Dress by Trillyke Gaming Girly Sim Mod Spotlight

Trillyke has done it again, bringing beautiful K-pop inspired clothing to the Sims community. I have always been a fan of her work so it only made sense to add this gorgeous jacket dress to the spotlight. Check it out here!

Mouth Preset 7 by RatboySims

RatboySims Mouth Preset 7 Sims Mod Spotlight

Mouths are always tricky to master. Usually, you will end up giving your sims a similar mouth with each creation (like me). By why not step out of the bubble and try out presets! RatboySims did a beautiful job with this one, so check out the preset here and their other presets!

Plunge Halter Top By Grimcookies

Plunge Halter Top by Grimcookies Gaming Girly Sims Mod Spotlight

Last but not least a sexy jumpsuit. Perfect if you want the town to have eyes on you! Want your sim to be showy? Hopefully not around your parents! Check the jumpsuit out here!

There we have it, July’s picks. Sorry if this felt a bit short but it was pretty hard for me to find mods I liked and wanted to put into the mod spotlight.

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