Welcome to the first Sims Mod Spotlight post! I decided to do a monthly mod post. In these posts, you will find monthly favourites. I will try and expand the selection of mods from homes, cosmetics, apparel etc. It is basically whatever new mod I find that I love and want to share with you guys!

Magnolia Loft

Magnolia Loft is a great modern home for the lazy simmer (like me) and is a base game lot. Base game lot basically means all you need is to own the game. I find it rather difficult to find base game CC homes as a lot require multiple expansions (which I don’t have).

This house features a fully furnished lot with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and sits on a 30×20 lot.

It is recommended to use cheat ‘ bb.moveobjects’ before placing the lot down.

You can download Magnolia Loft here.

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Riverside Roost

Another beautiful base game home that I had to check out. I love all the wood and natural colours (I prefer this over modern). This house brings on a warm homey vibe. Perfect for a small family.

Features 2 bedrooms, one bathroom on another 30×20 lot size. Please use cheat ‘bb.moveobjects’ before placing it to avoid bugging out the lot.

You can download Riverside Roost here.

Polly Face Shine

Face shines and high lights have slowly become vital mods for your sims. Polly Face Shine is no exception, with hand drawn details and a range of intensity (8 swatches and 3 opacity options) perfect for any sim!

Download Polly Face Shine here.

Eyeliner 01

I have noticed this kind of eyeliner style becoming a trend and I’m not complaining. It’s a quirky little addition to the boring winged eyeliner. Now let’s give this creator some love as this is their first CC creation!

You can download Eyeliner 01 here.

Royal Rumble Hair

Now I am not usually a Maxis Match person when it comes to hair. But I am absolutely in love with it! I am actually going to be making it my model’s permanent hair from now on! So you might see it in future posts. Now there isn’t much to say when it comes to hair. So just go and download it!

You can download Royal Rumble here.

Male Body Presets

On the Sims 4, it’s safe to say that a large amount of it’s community is female. We find our girl sims having various different mods applied to them (including numerous body presets) but none for men. Especially when it comes to making them a little bit more chubby. This is where this mod helps fill in the gap. Forget chiselled male sims or overly blown up chubby guys. We now have a good middle. I like to consider it the confident chubby guy. This mod comes with two different presets the “Soft Boi” and “Dense Boi”. One looks like he enjoys his food, the other looks like he has quite a bit of muscle under all that soft chub! After applying this body preset they still give you a lot of customization to the body, so it isn’t like you are locked into a certain look and shape. A great addition to the diversity of your sims!

You can download Male Body Presets here.

3 Top Tops!

Decided to do all three of these tops at once! Not much to really say about these besides the fact that they look good!

Sorbet Top (center): Offers a simple cropped top with 17 different colours!!!

Gorillaz Tees (Right): 7 different designs. (one includes the music group Gorillaz)

After Dark (Left): A bit of a formal top with over 30 different colours!! Warning does not work with some bottoms!

That is it for our first Sims Mod Spotlight, I know the list was a little short, I do try hard to only show recent uploads (within that month). If I did miss any or you want to see a certain mod in my next spotlight mention it in the comments below or go to my Tumblr and ask me there.

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