People that have played and loved the cult classic “Journey” will be happy to hear that the developers thatgamecompany have created another game! Not only is another game out (that could be a sequel to Journey) but you will also be surprised that it has released as a phone game!

This is Sky: Children Of The Light, an artistic, emotional exploration game! It is encouraged to make some friends along the way! Let’s check out it’s trailer below:

From what we can gather, Sky is trying to be a multiplayer-focused game! Don’t worry, there is no game chat to communicate with others. Instead, you have to use emotes and gestures to get your point across! Gesturing has become a key part in this game, you will need it to help solve puzzles together, signal your new friend and even hold their hand! You can find these by finding ghosts/spirits of others that have come before you. They will teach you different emotes when you interact with them. They will also help give you some insight into the history of this world that you traverse! Be it land or sky!

artistic mobile games: Sky: Children Of The Light

Sky: Children Of The Light’s story is very similar to Journey’s. This is due to the game not having any dialogue and is open to interpretation. The story isn’t in your face as normal games are allowing a serene gaming experience! It does, however, give you a deeper connection to the story, due to your interpretation of it!

The graphics of this game is absolutely breathtaking. It took me a bit of time to wrap my head around the idea that such a game is on my phone! Just comes to show that phones are rabidly becoming competitors in the gaming industry, especially if games such as Sky are going to be making a consistence appearance. I was instantly in awe as soon as the clouds parted and I was able to see the lush green ground in this game, definitely what you could expect from thatgamecompany!

artistic mobile games: Sky: Children Of The Light

Even though I am highly impressed on the fact this game first came to phone I feel the phone doesn’t give this game much justice. Not only is the beauty of the game trapped in a small screen, but you will also experience very sore cramped hands! Unlike a lot of modern phone games, this game is not controller supported. You may find it difficult to fly around with your thumbs on the screen. Hopefully, they will bring controller support! Thatgamecompany has said that they do plan to make console and PC but there have been no confirmed release dates! Thankfully we have a switch option! Overall a breathtaking, slow-paced game! A great successor of Journey. Worthy breaking your fingers for!

Sky: Children Of The Light is out now on IOS, Andriod and Nintendo Switch for free!

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