Spiritfarer has been my favourite game thus far in 2020. Spiritfarer draws you in with beautiful scenery, loveable characters and sheep! So many in fact that there is a whole achievement dedicated to finding the fluffy fellas and giving them a home on your boat.

If you don’t know what Spiritfarer is you can check out my Spiritfarer review to get an idea on what the game is about and where to get it!

Firstly how do we get started gathering sheep? We first need to go to a location called Mount Toriyama coordinates -99, 34. Your ship does not need any requirements to go there. Once you are there you will find a lost spirit, complete their task and you will be able to start collecting sheep! Once you complete the quest you will already have your first sheep!

Now where are the locations for all the others? Well here they are!

  • Mount Toriyama
    • Coordinates: -99, 34, ship requirements: None
  • Hummingberg
    • Coordinates: 39, 139, ship requirements: None
  • Sandwich Walk
    • Coordinates: 141, -54, ship requirements: Rock Destroyer
  • Nordweiler
    • Coordinates: -3, 185, ship requirements: Ice Breaker
  • Gurenu Fields
    • Coordinates: -65, 55, ship requirements: None

It isn’t necessary to have a corral for each sheep but it sure is handy. Otherwise, the sheep will jump around your ship and will eat your crops if they haven’t been fed. The achievement will only appear once you have fed all sheep on your ship.

Spiritfarer sheep

If you want to have a corral for each sheep it is important to note that the cost to create one gets greater the more you make, but as mentioned above it isn’t necessary for the achievement. It would be nice to have all sheep in their own little cozy home though!

There you have it! All locations and requirements for you to become the Sheep Ranger! Hope this helped you out a lot!

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