Temtem was a Kickstarter campaign back in May of 2018. It aimed to be different than “another pokemon ripoff” and brought forth many fresh ideas that should have been implemented in Pokemon Games a long time ago, especially in their newest instalment “Sword and Shield”.

Temtem, games like pokemon adventuring

The Kickstarter took the gaming community by storm and was half-funded in only a day! By the time backing was finished the Kickstarter was backed by 11k backers with $573,939 to play with! But this was back in July 3rd 2018. So when are we going to see Temtem hitting steam?

Temtem games like pokemon creatures

After almost 2 years and being in Alpha since November of 2018 we are now seeing an Early Access release! Temtem is to hit Steam and the Humble Bundle store on the 21st of January, which is right around the corner!

But what if you are like me and were VERY slow to the party? Here is a quick video to get you up to speed!

Sounds amazing right?

Stress Test

Well, now the game is being stressed tested. A lot of people were able to play it through backing the game and receiving the Alpha version of the game back in 2018. But now it is open to anyone to go and play their game and I was lucky enough to be able to get into the servers for a tiny bit before crashing.

Temtem games like pokemon character creation

The character creation menu is rather cute and clean. Not only can you do the standard head, face, body selections you can even choose their “style” which I believe is the personality of your avatar! The character creation offers quite a bit in regards to customization; so it would be amazing to see what items/hairstyles/styles that we may be able to unlock in-game.

Sadly I can’t last long enough in the server to get past character creation without crashing and getting pushed further and further down a server queue.

Games like Pokemon Temtem Stress Test Queue

As soon as this game is released I will happily jump at the opportunity to buy it and play it, and so should you guys! The game has been worked on since 2017 by a passionate team and it really shows. It will be amazing to show these guys some support!

Add the game to your Steam and Humble Bundle Wishlist!

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