The Jester Festival is now in on it’s way to Tamriel and you know what that means? Time to put on your jester costume and partake in silly quests to get silly items.

This year will be better than ever for the Jester festival, more rewards, more achievement and more……pie? To get your hands on the event’s rewards you will need to find a pavilion where you can find the three jesters. You can find a pavilion outside Vulkhel Guard, the cities of Ebonheart and Daggerfall. All three jesters will give you a preposterous quest you can complete daily.

If this is your first time partaking in the Jester Festival you will first need to complete a quest called “The Jester Festival” once you have completed it you will receive a pie, but not just any pie! You will gain the Pie of Misrule and during the event, it will grant you a 100% XP buff for 2 hours. This pie is a collectible so you can use it after the event but you will not gain the bonus.

Find the three Jesters to start claiming rewards!

Once you have found the jesters you can continue with their quests. The reward for each of those quests would be a Jester’s Festival Reward Box. Each reward box could possibly contain recipes, consumables, furniture and silly items of value that you could sell to a merchant.

Each time you complete a the Jester’s quest for the first time each day you will gain a Jester’s Festival Stupendous Box instead! This counts for each jester being done the first time for that day. (You will not gain Stupendous boxes on another character if you have already completed all three for the day)

In these Stupendous Boxes you can obtain awesome rewards like:

  • Runeboxes – these will contain mementos from last year. ( These are tradeable)
  • Memento parts – two new mementos have been added to the festival, you must collect all their parts to gain their runebox.
  • Valuable items – you can sell to a merchant.
  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style Pages.

One more thing has been added to each reward box, and it is pie. Not just any pie but a pie of mass destruction! The Jester Festival’s pie can be added to your quickbar and you will have to ability to throw them! Whilst you throw these pies you can the opportunity to get achievements. Yes, the pie comes with its own achievements that you can complete and this is what they are:

  • The Three Fillings War – Throw 10 Pies at players that are in a different Alliance
  • The Upper Crust – Throw a pie at each of the Alliance Leaders
  • More Than You Can Chew – Throw 10 Pies at Guards
  • Dessert Domination – Complete the above Achievements
  • Messy Business – Kill 10 players while they are covered in pie in Cyrodiil

The Jester Festival will start Thursday, March 21, at 10:00AM EDT and will finish on
Tuesday, April 2, at 10:00AM EDT.

Once you have completed the achievements ” Messy Business” and “The Upper Crust” you can gain the titles ” Empieror” and ” Tin Soldier”. When you have completed ” Dessert Domination” you will gain the Obnoxious Mute Face Paint collectible.

Now, this is the last round of events where you will be able to obtain event tickets for the Indrik feathers and Indrik evolution berries for the Nascent Indrik Mount! The last berry called “Dawnwood Berry of Ripeness” will be available when the event begins. Please do check what berries and/or feathers you have you only need one of each berry to evolve and one of each feather to gain a Nascent Indrik!

After this event, the Impresario will no longer stock Dawnwood berries to be sure to collect all of them before they are gone!

The cute little Springtide Indrik!

Have extra tickets after the event? Well ESO has introduced the Springtide Indrik pet that you can obtain will 10 event tickets. You can also gain pages of Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style pages for five event tickets. These will be available from the Impresario.

Enjoy bringing merriment to Tamriel!

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