A game which started out as a small concept game on itch.io as “Where The Goats Are” has expanded into the game The Stillness in the Wind. This indie game is all about isolation and routine and even though you are all alone, the world doesn’t stop.

Indie Games: The stillness in the wind

You are a lone farmer named Talma. Talma tends to her chickens and goats, makes cheese and chats to the traveller every now and then.

When the traveller shows up this is your time to barter with him for some supplies you want (for example, giving away cheese for some hay for your goats). This time is also when you will be given letters from your family.

Indie Games: The stillness in the wind

When you first start playing the game the letters you receive are nice, happy and fills you with pride. Talma sees how well her family is doing in the outside world, in the city. As you progress, looking after your farm, maybe even starting to plant vegetables, these letters start to get more and more disturbing. But as these letters start to get more disturbing, you start to walk slower and the days seem quicker.

Indie Games: The stillness in the wind

The Stillness in the Wind is a slow burner. I spent an hour in-game and only then was I starting to get some interesting letters and notice how Talma was starting to slow down. This game does, however, brings forward a sort of serenity, a peaceful break from other games from time to time. Talma’s life is simple and the only excitable parts in her life are receiving letters and talking to the traveller. A simple life isn’t a bad life. But even though you decide to take the simple life, the busy life always finds a way to reach you, even if it is through letters from your family.

You can get The Stillness in the Wind on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

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