Romance is a big thing for a lot of girls and sometimes it is hard to find great games to play with cute romanceable characters. Nowadays the majority of romance games are now on mobile, but there will always be PC games that will put them to shame!

This list is a mixture of PC and mobile games, I will state that below!

Dandelion Wishes Brought To You (PC)

This is my personal favourite of this list. I have spent hours into this game awing at the handsome characters, crying at the endings and getting frustrated at bad endings. This game will make you a mess! This game sadly will also require you to grind….a lot! Cute cat and rabbit boys are worth it though! Not only are you trying to get in with ones of these boys but you are also trying to uncover the mystery on how they even got to your house in the first place! One day you are taking in what seems to be abandoned kittens (both cat and rabbit) then one day they turn into handsome boys, fighting to win over your heart!

Get Dandelion: Wishes brought to you on Steam

Chapters: Interactive Stories (Android/IOS)

Chapters: Interactive stories is very different from most romance games you find! Unlike most apps and games which would only contain one story, you will be getting a list of stories to read! Stories are constantly being added and updated on Chapters making it easy to find a story you will enjoy, they have multiple genres you can explore but they are majority romance!

You can get Chapters: Interactive story on your Android and IOS devices!

Amnesia: Memories

Ever thought about what would happen if a demon crashes into your mind? Well in Amnesia: Memories getting amnesia is exactly what happens. You will spend regaining your memories alongside your “boyfriend” will you continue to be with him or romance someone else?

Get Amnesia: Memories on Steam

Choices: Stories You Play

Another app similar to Chapters: Interactive Stories! Choices gives you multiple stories to choose from!

Get Choices on your Android and IOS devices!

Seduce me

This game is a great example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Seduce Me is a romance game about you being forced to live back at home, but as you return home you are met with 5 badly injured guys (who are incubi). You offer to give them a roof over their head on one condition if they become your servants!

Get Seduce me on Steam

There you have it! My 5 top picks for romance games! I hope you guys find this selection helpful in expanding your romance collection!

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