Animal Crossing New Horizon is about to hit shop shelves in March, but as you wait why not play as a little turnip? This little turnip has gotten himself into a lot of trouble, he has committed tax evasion. Poor little turnip didn’t know he had to pay tax but Mayor Onion wants his money! You become his personal assistant to pay back your debts (sound familiar?).

Pay back your debts in Turnip Commits Tax Evasion, similar to Animal Crossing

Just a demo at this point in time “Turnip Commits Tax Evasion” offers a cute, clean a quirky 15 minutes of gameplay. This game is still in development but just from playing 15 minutes of this game, it shows a lot of promise! The game appears very clean and cute at such an early stage which I really hope doesn’t change in the complete game.

Sadly your only goal in this demo is to clear out the barn so Mayor Onion can turn it into a town hall. Through this “quest” however, the game shows off a lot of mechanics that I hope the developers will expand on further in the full release game.

The game features many cute powers like:

  • Plant Sword: Used to cut down enemies and overgrown plants
  • Watering Can: Used to trigger boomblooms and grow plants
  • Boomblooms: Plant bombs that are triggered by watering them.
  • Boombloom Boots: Helps you kick boomblooms in any direction.

I really hope they expand on this list of cool powers, which no doubt they will full release.

The demo also shows some dungeon-like features and well as bosses. Within the barn when you enter a room it will lock, you have to kill every enemy in order to proceed. You will also come across a mini-boss which will show you that you can kill them with the boomblooms. Knock them out by making them run in objects and walls. Once you figured out the little puzzle in order to get to “King Pig”. King pig has the same mechanics as the previous mini-boss just on a larger scale. Set off boomblooms to kill King Pig and complete the quest given by Mayor Onion.

If you want to waste a little bit of time trying out something cute and quirky this is the game for you. The game is still in development and we hope to see a full release date soon even though it has not been established. The developer does have a discord where they will constantly be posting about development and accepting feedback.

Get Turnip Commits Tax Evasion DEMO for free!

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