Are you interested in mystery games filled with human-eating cyborgs? Then look no further! Vincent: The Secret of Myers will be right up your alley. As mentioned on the page of this game, this is only a demo and a small portion of a much larger project that we are hoping to see expand in the next couple of months or so.

Vincent: The Secret of Myers Start of demo

This game is surrounded around the idea that your memories/experiences are what make you the person you are today. So what were to happen if you had someone else’s’ memories?

The game starts off through messages between two unknown people. Quite an eerie start that is bringing questions of “what are they doing?” and “who exactly are these people?” It also doesn’t help that as soon as your character enters the game, you find out they have lost their memories.

You wake up in an unfamiliar house with no recollection of how you even got there. Your first mission is to search the room for clues of where you are! This cute little mechanic brings the visual novel to life and gets you to interact with the world around you. You find you are in the Q4 district (whatever that means) and you begin to decide whether you are going to leave or not.

Vincent: Secrets of Myers Victor

If you do decide to leave and not rest you will be greeted with a scary sight and you would have to return to your room anyway to sleep (but who could sleep when they just saw nightmare fuel?)

Once you have rested you will be greeted by Victor, a fancy pink butler with robotic prosthetics. Who says that he doesn’t even know why you are here, only that his master Vincent Edgeworth has placed you in the guestroom for the night.

For a demo this game was quite long, taking about an hour to finish which makes for a generous amount of gameplay. I loved how the game has puzzle-solving aspects and the art is clean and appealing.

Vincent: The Secret of Myers is a great game for the sci-fi horror genre lovers!

Vincent" Secrets of Myers Victor and Vincent

Play the demo on!

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